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If you think back to the riots we had in London a couple of years ago, they threw the book at these kids who trashed up a few shop windows, stole a few pairs of sneakers. [The Government] sent them to jail for three years, branded them publicly, and I quote, as “mindless hooligans.” And you think, Well you were doing the same thing at a more discerning age, being afforded every privilege in life, you to have the ability to pay for the damage you caused, so hopefully, even hopefully, it will ignite that debate.  Because if they ever get asked about their time in the Bullingdon Club, all they every say is, “Oh, I was young.” Well, they were young—they were younger and less educated and less privileged and less fortunate in every way, and you branded them for life.
Jon Snow

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Kit Harington is anxious. […]  His unease stems from a worrisome mental lapse that has put both his safety and the day’s tight production schedule in grave jeopardy: He’s left his glasses in his hotel room. “I’m doing a sword fight,” Harington explains between worried cigarette puffs (an act jarring enough to break any Game of Thrones fan’s suspended disbelief), “and I’m completely blind.” (x)

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