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Kit Harington - photo by Cuneyt Akeroglu for Wonderland magazine


Kit  vices and virtues

Kit attends the “Great Britain” play opening night at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London [26.09.2014]

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Grey Damon


The Not So Accidental Actor

Grey Damon thought he would grow up to be a cartoonist or an EMT, but then, he says, he fell into acting. “I know it sounds ridiculous to say that someone fell into a job,” he allows, before describing how he only came to LA to see the ocean, which, having grown up in Indiana and Colorado, he had never seen, and because he didn’t have the money to travel the world. He discovered the LA party scene, people he describes as “lost souls,” which pushed him to find a purpose, something on which he could focus. Acting seemed an unlikely candidate, but then, he realized, acting was the one thing that, despite the insecurity, the sense that any job could be the last, was something that could provide him with constant challenges and growth. “People can easily lose themselves in this profession, but I tend to find myself more with each role,” says the actor, who has played parts in True Blood, Percy Jackson, Friday Night Lights, Twisted, and Star Crossed, among others. Friday Night Lights, which was his first major role, says Damon, introduced him to a unique way of filming, and its realism challenging his acting skills in new ways. And he credits a part he played in the TV series True Blood as the one that truly freed him as an actor and permitted him to completely jump out of his own skin and inhabit a character. Asked if he was a fan of the show before getting that part, he shakes his head: “I was so poor when I first came out to LA that I didn’t have a TV. Now, if I watch anything, it’s on a recording. And then I go into work mode- I’m always analyzing.”

Though he still occasionally draws for fun, Damon claims he can be scattered, and feels he must work hard to truly focus on his craft. Even staying in shape for a role is taken on as a serious responsibility. “I have a trainer who helps, but ultimately it’s up to me.” Currently, the actor describes himself as “a virtual shut-in,” busily researching the 1960’s. He is fascinated, he explains, by what he has learned so far of that decade, which he describes as “pivotal for our nation.” “The people, too,” he finds, “were more poised, more articulate, had a different education.” He’s also been putting in time at the shooting range. This research is for Aquarius, a new show in which he will star alongside David Duchovny, playing an undercover cop. “Imagine, I get to detect with Fox Mulder,” cracks the handsome actor. Not bad for someone who just fell into acting.

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If you think back to the riots we had in London a couple of years ago, they threw the book at these kids who trashed up a few shop windows, stole a few pairs of sneakers. [The Government] sent them to jail for three years, branded them publicly, and I quote, as “mindless hooligans.” And you think, Well you were doing the same thing at a more discerning age, being afforded every privilege in life, you to have the ability to pay for the damage you caused, so hopefully, even hopefully, it will ignite that debate.  Because if they ever get asked about their time in the Bullingdon Club, all they every say is, “Oh, I was young.” Well, they were young—they were younger and less educated and less privileged and less fortunate in every way, and you branded them for life.
Jon Snow

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